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Healing Rain Prophetic Ministry needs your love offerings to stay online and most importantly to go to the nations. We are invited to so many nations but are not able to go due to the lack of giving. We literally minister to hundreds of people every month but only about five people on the average per month give anything back to this ministry. The amount we are currently receive barely pays our monthly web site costs.

We have seen miracles, signs and wonders, and healings in this ministry. God is clearly doing something, but we will need more people to give in order to stay online.

There are many people who write and say that they are happy we still offer free email prophecy. What they don't realize is that there is a cost for providing this free service to others. Prophet Michael is working a full time job, a part-time job, working the ministry full time, and helping raise eight children. The Lord continues to tell him that he is to be full time ministry but due to thousands of dollars of debt he is limited as to what he can do with his time.

The ministry is in need of funds to pay off debts, obtain a non profit status, land & building for the school of the prophets, and funding for Africa to send medical supplies, start churches and travel expenses.

We ask you to humbly pray to the Lord to see if God has given you something of value that you can bless this ministry with. We believe that God will work through those that He draws to this ministry to launch us to the next level in Him.

If you feel led to give I ask you to do so right now in the name of Jesus. There are two ways that you can give to this ministry. We offer paypal for an instant donation, but we also provide you our mailing address below. We currently do not have the funds to obtain non profit status. If you feel led to help us obtain this status please call us at 919-671-3614.

Lastly, we have received four prophecies in the past month that someone would give us land and a building for the school of the prophets. We are believing this land will be in either NC, SC or GA. We know that God is not a liar. If He is saying it through four different people who don't even know us then we believe we have received enough confirmation to stand on that word.

You can give below by paypal:

You can mail love gifts to:

Prophet Michael Bacon, 7429 Matherly Dr, Wake Forest, NC 27587. Please make any checks out to Prophet Michael Bacon as we are not registered yet as a non-profit. free prophecies, get your prophecy online healing and prophecy and deliverance, online prophecies, online prophecy, michael bacon, christian prophets, christian healing ministries, christian deliverance ministries, world wide prophets, healing, deliverance, end times, book of daniel, book of revelation, global ministries, christian ministries, nigeria ministries


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